July 10, 2011

Becca Fitzpatrick: SILENCE Countdown Widget for Your Blog!

Becca Fitzpatrick: SILENCE Countdown Widget for Your Blog!: "Exciting news! The great folks at Simon & Schuster have created a smaller SILENCE countdown widget which fits really well in sidebars and s..."

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  1. Hi there!

    I am Patch's advocate in the YA Crush Tournament and I saw that you voted for him in round one and I am personally reaching out to you to help spread the word about his next match where he will be up against Peeta from The Hunger Games!

    It takes place over at The YA Sisterhood on Friday, July 22nd until midnight on Saturday, July 23rd. During the first round, people were able to vote as many times as they liked, but this round the votes are constricted down to ONE VOTE PER COMPUTER, so we really need to call in Patch's reinforcements and get him to win! :)

    Please come and vote on that day and until then, spread the word; let anyone and everyone know to VOTE PATCH!



    P.S. I have a few Patch buttons on the top right sidebar of my blog, so if you want to grab one and put it on your blog to help further promote Patch, I would be grateful. If you do get a button, please put VOTE PATCH on 7/22/11 somewhere to clue people in! Again, thank you so much!