February 18, 2012

Versatile, multifaceted, dexterous me?

It seems I have been awarded the prestigious Versatile Blogger Award by the lovely Miss C. Issy! Egads! I have no idea what to say, I didn't prepare any form of speech. We will just have to wing it here. *clears throat rather loudly and pulls out glasses* First, I would like to thank the Academy... Crap! Wrong speech.

Actually, I just feel rather darned special to be thought of as 'versatile.' Random, yes. Obscure, sure. Slightly off my rocker, fo shizzle! But versatile? That implies that I actually have some idea what I ramble about and have an end goal of some kind. *snicker* We can all dream, right? *wink*

In any event, in my true randomness, I will now spew out 7 random tiddly-bits that y'all didn't know about me. This should be a treat as I don't really know many of you all and y'all don't really know me.

Let's do dis... *cracks knuckles and loosens neck*

1. In the fourth grade I broke my right arm (I'm a righty). Split the radius bone right in half just under the wrist like it was nuthin. This was a result of eating potato chips at lunch before swinging around on the monkey bars. Had a cast from my knuckles to my shoulder for 8 weeks in the summer which left me with the most GAWD awful farmers tan. I learned 2 things from this: don't eat greasy chips before playing on the bars and I can now write legibly with my left hand.

2. I have 5 siblings and I am not fully related to any of them. As a byproduct of the typical American household, I have 3 step-brothers (two different marriages), a half brother (same mom), and a half sister (same dad).

3. My first official tax paying job was at Tower Records in Sacramento, CA. The token white chick and hip-hop/R&B expert on the south-side of town. It was because of this job that I now have such crazy random taste in music.

4. The first time I ever got...ahem...inebriated (to keep things PG) was 2 weeks AFTER my 22nd birthday. That's right. No crazy 21st B-day party and before this point I had only had the occasional sip of alcohol.

5. I cannot sleep in a quiet room. I have a little enviro-machine with a cool little babbling brook effect. It drove my hubby nuts when we first got together, but I can't sleep without it. My mother is to blame. She never had a quiet house when I was a baby because she didn't want a light sleeper. Well, it's two-fold mom. =^)

6. I am acutely claustrophobic that plays into some personal space issues. Will NOT sit in the middle seat on an airplane. Will often choose an isle/end seat at any public place like movie theater or restaurant. Will often choose the stairs over an elevator. My friends think this is hilarious since I worked for an elevator company for 6 years. I work on the 5th floor of my building and will NOT take the elevator at 5pm. Had an MRI in my early 20s that was probably the most traumatic experience of my life. Yeah, not cool.

7. Last, but certainly not least, I have a RIDICULOUS amount of brain space dedicated to movie lines and song lyrics. It's crazy. The worst are Princess Bride and Clue, as well as oodles of music from my formidable high school career. My little brother and I could recite Clue from beginning to end without battling an eyelash. We were often family entertainment. *wink*

So do you have a better idea of who I am now? Did I scare you off? Meh, probably. But this was fun! I enjoyed this little diddy of a post and I will now do some torch passing of my own. I don't personally know 15 bloggers so I will slyly toss in some folks who I thoroughly enjoy. We will see if they wanna play!

Blaire Kensley cuz she is the sweetest person I know.
Raine Thomas cuz she is AWESOME and nice and a great writer and and and...
Books Over Boys cuz, well who doesn't like Momo?
Books With Bite cuz of the awesomesauce reviews
Cupid's Literary Connection cuz of all around awesomeness
Fictitious Delicious cuz, well, #TeamKilt anyone?
Makeshift Bookmark cuz Jen is HIGH-larious
Mundie Moms cuz there can only be one Mundie Mom!
Stuck in Books cuz of awesome reviews
YA Sisterhood cuz, well, there are too many reasons why...
Word Spelunking cuz Aeicha is a cupcake of a reviewer!!
YA Bookmark cuz of crazy good reviews
YA Highway cuz of awesome info
Oasis for YA cuz of crazy good info
YA Muses cuz of awesome authors and user-friendly goodies for writers!


  1. You didn't cheat and listed 15! And I'm so with you on the personal space thing-- I don't do well in crowds, myself, and have had conversations with my coworkers about the "unbreachable bubble of personal space" in the past. I knew I liked you for a reason!

  2. LOL!!! Yeah, agreed on the unbreachable bubble. I get really antsy with people who like to talk all up in your face. Good way to get yourself punched in the face... *heh*