April 08, 2012

A Belated Lucky 7

I am sooooo incredibly late with this and for that I apologize. Well, wait. Are there time frames for this sort of thing? Expiration dates? Sell by dates? Or do we just wing it? I'm going to go with 'wing it' because that's how I roll.

The lovely and talented Miss Issy C tagged me on a Lucky 7 post a couple weeks ago, but I had been in a blogger, reader, writer abyss for the last month or so and failed to see it. Yikes! My bad, chica! I heart you!


For those not in the know, this puppy has a few rules. Five to be exact. And they are...

#1 Go to page 77 of your current MS/WIP/Babykins

#2 Go to line #7

#3 Copy down the next 7 lines AS THEY ARE WRITTEN. In other words, no cheating, no fluffing, no grabbing the closest Englsh Lit major to help refine, primp, polish or craft into the most magnificent work of art.

#4 Tag 7 other writers

#5 Let them know (ahem...Carli. *wink*)

Well, truth be known I, just like Miss Issy, have two WIPs. Which one to choose... I have no freakin' clue so I will toss the dice out the window, along with the eenie-meenie-miny-moe, and share both. Holy hell... Slightly cra-cra? Yup, that tis me.

The first is my complete (yet going through serious revisions) MS currently titled FiƔin (Fee-OWE-in). In this scene Bree and Kennon are talking over meeting up for photo workshop extra credit after Kennon had dropped a Hiroshima sized bomb on her, figuratively.

“Give me a call. I don’t work Wednesday or Thursday. If you’re free we can meet up then.” My heart banged around at the thought.

“Bollocks! I forgot my bag.” Lucy ran back into the studio.

“Unless you’re scared to hang out with Catwoman here.” Seriously, Bree? Crap, I was an idiot on steroids.

“Depends.” Kennon’s eyes gleamed with his smirk. “Will you be wearing the skin-tight leather getup?”

“You’ll just have to call and find out.” I tuned on my heel and walked to my truck.

Next we have my current obsession WIP, tentatively titled Gifted. It's far from finished, but we are getting there. In this scene Devlin and Moira are talking about how everyone is reacting to Devlin's sudden appearance.

“And you’re not?”

Her far-from-ladylike snort almost made me crack, but I couldn't reign in the grin. The incredulous look on her face was freakin' priceless, despite not being able to see her eyes behind the dark glasses. 

“Oh God no!” Moira pushed away from the table. “Pop would say I’m the reckless one. That I don’t think before I act.” 

"What would you say?” 

She thought for a minute, hand on her hip. “I would say I just don’t do limitations.”

So there you have it folks! Yeeesh, now I may go vomit. Nerves abound! So now I have to TAG another 7. Unfortunately, I am not super close with many blogger/writers so y'all will just have to deal with the few that I don't think will get super mad at me for tagging. *grins sheepishly*

Miss Blaire Kensley who I know has some goodies under her belt that she is working on.

Miss Raine Thomas because she has the Estilorian Series that is uber awesome and I know she has to have something saucy under wraps.

Miss Alisha M. Klepheke who I have had the astounding pleasure to read some of her goodies and it's way awesome!


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  1. Mwahahaha (yes, I'm the worst about letting people know! But I'm soooo glad that I tagged you-- these are pretty awesome lucky sevens!