October 27, 2011

Do you like scary stories...

We have finally reached my favorite time of year…FALL!!! And with fall comes my favoritest of all favorite holidays…Halloween. I usually totally geek it out with Halloween and have been known to go a little overboard. I just love to dress up! Which is odd since I am ubber casual in any other instance. Not exactly the fashionista type, but boy oh boy do I looooooove to dress for Halloween!

When I say dress up I really mean it. Make-up and all! I don’t cheat and get a mask or some silly hat leaving my face easily recognizable. Two of my fave costumes are the Hobo and Psycho Chick. The Hobo is your run-of-the-mill hobo clown (of the male persuasion since it’s more fun) and I had a blast putting it together. Salvation Army Goodwill shops ROCK for this purpose. Just find the most hideous out of style clothing someone ‘donated’ and there ya go! Top that puppy off with some make-up and it is a fab crowd pleaser. Many people I work with didn’t know it was me. Not only do I sport the hobo 5 o’clock shadow but my long curly hair gets pulled up into a ratty hat. 

My other fave, the Psycho Chick, has fallen into different sub-categories; ‘ex-girlfriend,’ ‘disgruntled employee,’ and the best one ‘crazy for Joey Mac’ that was worn the day after a NKOTB concert. Yes I went there, shush it! Years ago I found a “State Mental Hospital” gown and I dress it up a bit with fake blood and such. I also wash out my face with make-up and add some rather unattractive dark circles under the eyes with crazy ratted out curly hair. It’s awesome. 

Another part of Halloween that I loooooove are the scary stories. WOOT! In honor of October 31st I will share one with you…

The following are actual events. If you scare easily you may want to stop reading now, if not, feel free to enjoy. 

Those of us that read and write YA generally have characters that do not make the best decisions of their lives which end up causing havoc on all around them. Well, the following is a perfect example of typical teen I-should-have-thought-this-through-more behavior.

One Halloween when my friends and I were all about 17 we thought it would be a great idea to take a Ouija board to a cemetery. I know! Stupid right? Hold on, it gets better. It was me, Val, Megan, Tony, and Derrick. We all piled into a car and drove out to the-middle-of-nowhere-northern-California and found a small, ancient cemetery on the side of the 2 lane road. Eerily enough there was a single house next door and then an elementary school behind that. 

Leaving the Ouija board in the car we walked around the cemetery checking out the dates and such trying to scare ourselves. It was late and not many cars sped by, but when they did we would hit the deck behind the erect gravestones like someone had a sniper rifle zeroed in on us. 

When our scavenger hunt was unfruitful in the small cemetery someone said, “Hey let’s grab the Ouija board!” At this point some small speck of rationality clicked in, and I did say small, and we chickened out. Not one of us wanted to sit on a grave and attempt to commune with the dead through a Hasbro “toy.”
So what did we do? We took it over to the elementary school instead, the one next door to the cemetery. I told you the rationality was small. 

After much discussion it was decided that Megan and I would use the thing first. We spread out a blanket under a tree next to a portable building triggering the motion light. Well at least we can see now when the spirits come out of the “toy” to kill us, is kind of what we were thinking. So Megan and I sit cross-legged with the Ouija balanced over our knees. We place the indicator and begin.

I don’t know how many of you have used a Ouija board, but generally these things take time. It starts out slow and then maybe picks up a bit, if you’re doing it right. Well, not so much this Halloween night. The indicator took off between our fingers like we lit it on fire informing us that ‘someone’ was in fact there.  
Val, Tony, and Derrick, our bystanders, begin to get anxious with my and Megan’s startled expressions. Derrick is cursing and saying we are messing with evil, Val is stunned to silence (quite a feat for her), and Tony wants to know if “it” can prove that “it” is there. Niiiice… So the board responded to Tony even though he was not currently chatting. “It” told us ‘yes.’

At this moment the motion light on the building we were sitting next to went off, scaring the bejezzus out of all of us. There were murmurs of “it’s a motion light and we weren’t moving so of course it’s gonna go off.” Megan asks if “it” had turned the light off. “Yes” was the reply.

Tony and Derrick are now jumping around the motion light to get it to turn on again with no success. We sat in darkness. Megan asks “Can you do it again?”


The light, the motion sensor light, started flashing on and off. Megan and I sat on the ground a good 15 feet away from the sensor while Val, Tony and Derrick remained motionless. This was too much for us so we quickly packed up the Ouija board and blanket, threw ourselves into Derricks 1980something Chrysler, and got the hell out of there. 

I looked out the back window as we pealed out of the small parking lot and watched as the motion light bid us adieu with its constant flashing. It continued until the cemetery and school faded away into the dark Halloween night.

Do you have a scary story you would like to share? Please do! I would LOOOOOVE to hear them.

Scare me.

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