October 26, 2011

Twi-hard anyone?

Do I have an addictive personality? Hmmm… Good question. 

When I was in kindergarten my teacher thought I was hard of hearing because I would zone out in class quite a bit. She would call on me and there I was just off in my own world. After a series of hearing tests, and a near frantic with worry mother, it was discovered that I was simply ignoring my teacher. My ears were primo; I just didn’t care for what the teacher had to say. Awesome right? 

So my little head switch was discovered. The little switch I can flip that turns everything off around me. Because of this wondrous device I was born with I found I was able to focus on things I wanted to. I just tuned things out around me. It infuriated my mother, and later in life, my roommate. Did I care? Not really. Everyone I knew just learned that if they needed my undivided attention they needed to GET my attention first. I am very “guy-like” in this aspect it’s freaky. And making eye contact was not enough, you had to physically get a response from me first and then tell me what is was I just had to know.

Now you can see why this infuriated people around me. HA!

But it was because of this ‘switch’ that I escaped a lot of the hype of being a teenager. I was not in the drinking crowd, the smoking crowd, the rocker crowd, the academic crowd, or even the preppy crowd. I had my own world all to myself.

And then Twilight happened….

All of the angst and crazy giddiness that comes with being a typical teen bubbled to the surface and exploded like someone took a flame to a semi loaded to the brim with fireworks and gun powder. I am not sure what it is about this series, but my inner teenager cannot get the switch to flip. Now I am a die-hard…daresay Twi-hard…fan. The books I have read multiple times and I own each of the movies so far. Granted Twilight was not the greatest movie, but they have been getting better with each installment.
I am an official Twilight addict. If there were addict meetings for Twilight obsessed folk I would be the poster child. Well maybe not yet. I have heard of worse people than me. I do, however, have the Twilight stickers on my car warning bystanders that I do drive like a Cullen. *grin* My little 4-banger is a soldier. I am also guilty of performing the “California lane change” quite a bit. Those of you from Cali prolly know what I am talking about. *Looks around making sure Mr. Policeman is not paying me mind*

So here we are… Twenty two days until Breaking Dawn Part 1. I am so freakin excited I am bouncing in my chair. Fandango was kind enough to allow me to purchase tickets for opening day. With my little man at home I cannot stay up for midnight showings else I would be there. Hell, I was even considering the marathon run the day before AND the midnight show. But alas, that I cannot do. Besides, DH would probably disown me…silly boys and their eye rolling. 

So will any of you join me in the BDP1 festivities? Will you be there to see Bella and Edward finally tie the knot? Will you be there when they finally…er…ehem…do some other stuff? SWOON!!! Broken bedposts and bitten pillows are in my future and I cannot wait! I say we make 11/18/11 a holiday and take the day off so we can all consummate…I mean CELEBRATE this occasion. *blush*

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