November 14, 2011

Fated into submission? Maybe.

Scientist and single mother Cara paulsen is used to fighting for what she wants and doing whatever it takes to protect her daughter, Janie. But 'whatever it takes' has never before included a shotgun wedding to a dangerous-looking stranger. Vampire leader Talen says that he's there to protect Cara and Janie. But his idea of a wedding night is more like a sexual taming - dominant and scorching hot. With shapeshifting allies, they must fight against an evil race of vampires that has discovered a way to venture into sunlight, in order to safeguard Janie...and the rest of humanity.

Rebecca, Rebecca, Rebecca…you are a naughty girl! HA! First let me say I am not a huge reader of traditional romance novels. They get a little too much for me sometimes. Sometimes I don’t really want every detail spelled out for me. Give me the foreplay without the …um…details. I have a great imagination so... I suppose that is why I heart me some YA.. =^)

I won Fated from Miss Rebecca Zanetti as a Goodreads First Read and was super excited to read it. Sounded like a saucy Vamp book and boy was I not disappointed. Whew! Let me get the fan blowing on me before I continue. Okay, back to biz.

Cara is a single recluse of a mom. She is a classic science nerdette who gets lost in her work. After a ‘sensible’ pairing with a fellow scientist she has Janie. Now, Cara and Janie are very special. Cara has empathic abilities and Janie is actually a powerful little psychic for a four your old. What Cara does not know is there is a world of evil Vamps out there that covet women with special abilities, the Kurjans. On the flip side there are the good Vamps who also breed with special women, but this pairing is not so….deadly.

Before she can bat an eyelash, Cara is whisked away by a crazy huge Vamp, Talen, that claims she is his mate. Janie has dreamt of Talen so she is on board with her new “daddy,” but Cara is having some serious doubts. Since growing up in a very abusive home, Cara (as well as her sister Emma, another powerful psychic) has some major man-trust issues. Cara’s world is literally turned upside down as she tries to come to terms with the Vampire world and her, and her daughter’s, role in it. Talen, her dangerously HAWT protector and, oh yeah, HUSBAND, is one of five brothers sworn to protect the Realm and the humans in it from the evil Kurjans.

There is no stop in the action with Fated, and you can take that any way you want it. Wink. Miss Rebecca added some great twists to the usual vampire tales. Love the DNA bit….AWESOME! Being a romance there is definitely some hot-and-heaviness going on, but all was very tastefully done and I didn’t feel the need to retrieve the closest wastebasket.

The characters are wonderfully done; Cara is someone you really want to hug, Janie is adorable, Talen is….well…(puts fan on high)…he’s Talen. He is all of tall, dark and handsome with more than a little male dominance that I found strangely seductive. I like to think of myself as a good old fashioned feminist, but sometimes even gals like me want their hair pulled.

The pace was great; really I couldn’t put it down. I had to find out what happened and if Talen would finally admit sometime that he freakin LOVED HER!!! Whew! Sorry, had to get that out of my system. But that is Fated. It’s hot, seductive, and makes you want to seriously submit…for more.

Did Fated rock my world? Is a frog’s ass water tight? 9.5 baby!!

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