November 19, 2011

Guilty Pleasure: Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn

Now that it has been nearly 24 hours I am ready to discuss my thoughts on Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn. Now, I know what you're thinking.. "Another Twilight post?! Do we need another one?" Answer, yes, now shut it.

A friend, and fellow Twihard, skipped out of work early yesterday to catch the 3 o'clock showing in hopes of avoiding the majority of the teen rush. We lucked out. The theater was full, but we walked right in and got seated in my happy middle. The same cannot be said for the 5o'clockers when we left. Lobby was p-a-c-k-e-d! Go us!

So like many Twihards I started out as a huge fan of the books. Twilight was my breakthrough for YA reads and even though the movies will never win an Oscar, I LOOOOOOVE them. The first Twilight movie grew on me and since then I have braved the wild rapids of opening day for each movie. Why? Because I'm batshit crazy, that's why. *grin*

Breaking Dawn had oodles of hoopla leading up to the release; will there be the sex scene, will they show the birth, will they show Renesmee, will they, can they.... Oi! I was a little nervous going into the movie because of the expectations from the media craze. I was not disappointed though. Bill Condon did a great job! The wedding was sublime (though some of the speeches were just shy of ridiculous), the dress, the vows (done by a real preacher by the way), ....sigh.... I nearly teared up when they played Flightless Bird in the background. Had to explain to my friend that this was the song Edward and Bella danced to in the first movie at prom. Hello significance!

The honeymoon was great! In the books Bella is totally nervous about the whole deed and Kristen did a good job with it. The headboard....*giggle* Yeah, I sort of laughed at this, but was so glad Condon included this. Then the day after and Bella is stuck in post wedded bliss aftermath...*giggle* Again, loved how Condon did this. I think my fave part of the honeymoon is Bella's attempt at seduction and Edward's resistance. Holy crap I laughed at his blatant "please just stop!" reactions. Awesome.

The tears threatened once again when Edward finally "hears" the baby inside Bella. Bella's lullaby (also from the first movie) was playing in the background here. Had to explain this one to my friend too. Not her fault, don't judge. I'm the freak with the soundtracks on my Zune. *grin*

Speaking of baby bumps... My GAWD did they make Kristen look like hell without the courtesy of being warmed over. The books have Bella really gaunt and deathly frail looking and boy did they ever accomplish it for the film. Oi! They even got in the lanky, lifeless hair!

The 'birth' was awesome! I was nervous how Condon was going to be able to pull this puppy off and keep it PG13, but wow! The whole past flashbacks were a great touch. The frantic camera work was wonderful. Then as Bella starts to slip and Edward plunges her in true Pulp Fiction fashion I got nervous again. Everyone who has read the books knows that Bella's POV has her feeling on fire and screaming inside, but her body does not move. I LOVED how Condon centered on Kristen's 'lifeless' face, while Edward is in a panic, and then the screen flashes to a crazed-out, hair-pulling, head-shaking, frantic-screaming Kristen. Then it flashed back to lifeless Kristen. Awesome.

I even LOVED how they played in the Imprint with Jacob and Renesmee. The books didn't really say outright what happened that moment when Jacob, in full on I'm-gonna-kill-you-now mode, sees Renesmee over Rosalie's shoulder for the first time. It's implied, sure, but Condon took it one step further. Jacob falls to one knee while we are treated to flashes of his voice explaining the whole Imprint process to Bella back in New Moon and we see Renesmee how Jacob sees her growing up. Wonderful.... 

The end was as I was expecting: Dramatic. We see Bella go through her Makeover: Venom Edition and everything that was broken and frail comes back to life with suppleness and flawlessness. Of course Mr. Condon leaves us salivating for more with the final shot of Bella's suddenly open and very red Vampire eyes.

In a word, squeal! The movies just keep getting better and better and I cannot WAIT for the next installment. Holy crap it's a log way away....


  1. I agree with you completely. I thought the movie was great! Could of done without some of the cheesier stuff i.e.: speeches and wolf voice over. I also felt that some of it felt very rushed, were other scenes seemed meaningless. All in all a very good movie, definitely can't wait a YEAR! Oh, and Bella looked breathtaking as a vamp. Did you stay for the extra scene after the credits?

  2. Yeah...the wolf 'alpha timbre' thing was kinda weird. I think I was expecting it to be more....something...and less talking into an obvious microphone thing in a weird 'Luke I am your Father' sort of way. HA! I did catch the extra scene with the Volturi (thanks to my Tweeps) and I thought that was a lil on the cheesy side. "They have something I want." Oh devil you!

  3. I agree with you Breaking Dawn was amazing! Yes and the music touches from Twilight was really great. I cried a lot in this one xoxo

  4. Oh My Gosh that I too loved the little seduction know the one where she walks out in the little black nightie and Edward is in the bed..the look on his face is priceless! I loved the movie and was very hesitant about it as I was not a fan of the book, so naturally didnt think I would like the movie. Bill Condon sucked me right in! And I am glad I am not the only one who teared up when Flightless Bird could be heard in the back ground!

  5. The only part that really grated my nerves with the book Breaking Dawn was Jacob's POV. He just saw Bella so.....weak and I didn't feel that was right. I am anxious to see the whole cottage set up though in BDP2...

  6. It was just awesome how much thought Condon put into it. He really brought all the movies together that way, linked them in. Very good insight on his part and made for an amazing touch.